Monday, May 27, 2013

Post Camp

April came and went (so did May, apparently) and I didn't get a lot of writing done for Camp Nano.  Anyone surprised?  It seems I don't complete more than I do complete.  I just had an expectation that April would be less busy than November is.  I still believe that it should be, but somehow it didn't turn out to be easier to carve out time for writing.  I have no intentions of writing this November.  It's still a few months off though so who knows.  What I have started, however, is a revision of my 2010 Nano. 

I've dug it out and dusted it off and I'm rereading it now.  It's not bad.  It's a little juvenile.  I'm hoping that I can shake that out a little.  Or perhaps that's just how I write.  I think I'm a little better author than that though.  It could be just a byproduct of writing in a hurry to get word counts in and its simply a brain dump that needs a lot of fleshing out. 

I've started to out line the story.  I'm kind of doing it backwards.  Write it first, outline it second.  I've built a basic outline in Y-writer and I'm filling in character details as I bring chapters and scenes over to the program.  I think I really need this because as the book developed I skipped around depending on which character was in my head at the moment.  Y-writer can help me move things around and balance out any mistakes I have in characters and settings. 

I'm enjoying this.  It isn't going to be a fast process.  I don't want to put a deadline on myself.  I will do it when I feel like I have some downtime.  It's neat to reread the story and remember some of the details that I had forgotten.  And it feels good to still love this story and the characters after so many years.