Wednesday, February 1, 2017

More creative time

Part of my new years resolution is to make more creative time in my life.  I aim to have just a few hours a week that are mine to create something, whether that be quilting, scrapping, writing, or something else.  It's time away from the gym, chores, cooking, and work.  It's good for the brain.

I've made a slow start at it.  I had to actually get some work done in my creative space in order to make it a place to feel like I can actually do something besides work.  But I have spent several weekends in a row making things.  And it feels GREAT!

This week I got to read a story someone I know is submitting for publishing.  I just read it and gave her a few suggestions.  It's a really neat story and I hope it gets published.  She wrote it off a prompt.  I think I might make it a goal to write something for publishing.  I loved to read hers and hope that someone would like to read mine.  (Though her amazing level of creativity makes me feel quite intimidated). I'll link to her story if it's published.  You should read it too.

Yay, for creative 2017!!