Monday, January 24, 2011

The last week of January

This is the last week of January already, and I'm not ready for the last day...  I have a lot to do this week to get my novel to it's end.  Perhaps I'll schedule a mini write in type of thing....  even if I'm the only one who can come.

I talked with shariware on Saturday night and told her that I would at least spell out where the story needs to go to end.  But with the weekend being the weekend, I didn't get to it.  I do plan to open it up tonight and figure out that next step though.  (It wasn't on the weekend, but it will still be before the last weekend of the month).  My goal for the month was not to have the draft edited, simply completed. 

We also talked about peer critiques.  We would both like to read the books that each has worked so hard on, and are open to peer reviewing them.  (I haven't heard from Allen on that, not sure he got my message). The local Nano group here is doing them and has set out rules and guidelines for doing it fairly and not getting hurt feelings over it.  I'll post their rules this week.  I'm anxious to complete my story so that I can read my writing buddies stories! 

Happy writing! 

Monday, January 17, 2011

Resolution fail?

OK.  I haven't made time to write at all this month!  I keep thinking about it and other things turn up.  The laundry needs done, the floor needs swept, kids need help with homework, booze needs drunk....  You get the picture.  No matter the excuse, I haven't started yet.  To be fair, I haven't started on ANY of my resolutions.  Not just the writing one. 

A long time ago my hubby and I made a list of chores and divided them out between the five week days.  If we do those simple chores during the week, the weekend should be free of basic household chores.  I am finding that all my weekend is spent cleaning up from the week.  I have fallen away from the chores list.  They still get done, but they get done on the weekend, when I'd rather be sewing or writing, or ANYTHING other than chores.  This week I'm trying to focus on that list again, so that I have my weekends free as I once did.  I think I won't feel so busy and bogged down if I do that and I can spend some time doing things I *want* to do, rather than things I *have* to do. 

Crossing my fingers that I can stay on target this week and can make time to write this weekend.  How is everyone else doing?

Saturday, January 1, 2011


It's January already?!  Where did the time go?  I think I say that every month.  How can the last 30 days have passed so quickly?  Was I not paying attention?

Anyway, one of my resolutions is to finish writing my Nano.  I'm not prepared to finish and edit it in January, but I would like my characters to reach the end of the story.  If I don't, I think I owe shariware and ramblingallen coffee again. (How did you like the coffee you already won, by the way, shariware?).  While it would be nice to share some coffee with them, I think I'm ready to win one myself.  I think I might have about 20k more to write to reach the conclusion of the story.  The problem now is, I don't remember where I was when November left off.  I have to read some back story I think.  While the month of December seemed to fly by, it still feels like a long time since we finished Nano.

How about you?  Any writing resolutions for 2011?  Are you prepared to do Nano again in November?