Friday, October 29, 2010

Nano starts on Monday

Nano starts on Monday.  There is a forum topic full of people who are sad that November starts on a Monday this year.  I *guess* I can see their point.  If the month started on a weekend, a person could sit and type all weekend long, and get a good chunk of their 50,000 on paper while their enthusiasm is still at a peak.  I get it.  I don't agree.  I find it fine and dandy that the month starts on a Monday.  That gives me one whole weekend to work around the house, get everything all cleaned up and get some more of my outline in my head onto paper (which I probably won't do, but I CAN).  I can sleep in these 2 last days without feeling like I need to pad my word count. I can start the month/week fresh and ready to hit those 1,667 first words of the month. 

(Two posts in one day and four in a week?  I know, right?!)

I am the Very Model of a Wrimo Individual

This song was posted on the All Ages Coffee House Forum.  There is a YouTube video attached as well but I had trouble getting it onto this post.  One more thing I have to learn, I guess.  The post is under [music vid] I am the very model of a wrimo individual, in case you want to see it.  I LOVE this!! 


I am the Very Model of a Wrimo Individual
My writings they have varied from historical to fictional
To write a novel in a month some find it quite deplorable
I talk about my novel but my friends they find it borable.

When writing I prepare myself in matters that are practical
From scoping out locations, doing research on the factuals
And stocking up my room with snacks and food and sources of caffeine
My cellphone is turned off. I'm now in nanowrimo quarantine.

His cellphone is turned off. He's now in nanowrimo quarantine. (x4)

This year will be the year when my book wins me praises accolades
I'll travel all the stores my novel forefront on the book displays.
In short, my writings vary from historical to fictional
I am the Very Model of a Wrimo Individual

In short, his writings vary from historical to fictional
He is the Very Model of a Wrimo Individual

My mind a brim with metaphors my tongue can spit out similes
But when I put my pen to page my brain locks up and hand will freeze
The more I think, the more I'm stuck, the more and more I get upset
And then I go online cuz I cannot turn off the internet.

I search the forums to keep up on all the nanowrimo news
I find I'm stuck for hours. ^ Why am I so readily amused?
I go on chat in hopes that I can find someone to word war with
But they're absorbed with talking 'bout their drama and relationships.

But they're absorbed with talking 'bout their drama and relationships. (x4)

In fact, when I know what is meant by "Word War", "ML", "Plot bunnies"
And when it comes to writer's block there's none can beat my expertise
In short, my writings vary from historical to fictional
I am the Very Model of a Wrimo Individual

In short, his writings vary from historical to fictional
He is the Very Model of a Wrimo Individual

Technology's my weak point and I spend too much I must admit
I think I lost my outline, doesn't matter wasn't using it
I'll photoshop a calendar with writing goals I can achieve
And think of awesome book covers with bios for the inner sleeve.

I go to meetings, socials, writing sessions, any chance I get
We talk about our stress and all the words we haven't written yet
In short, I can imagine myself sitting, typing furiously
And one day I'll attend that fearful night of Writing Dangerously!

And one day he'll attend that fearful night of Writing Dangerously! (x4)

I'm very good with words, I know so many to regurgitate
But people think my only skill is how I can procrastinate
In short, my writings vary from historical to fictional
I am the Very Model of a Wrimo Individual

In short, his writings vary from historical to fictional
He is the Very Model of a Wrimo individual!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

3 Days

OK.  I won't panic...  Take a deep breath.  Only 3 days left.  I've done some outlining.  I would have liked to have done more, but I'm too lazy...

Now I just have to decide where to start.  Should I start on a scene I have in mind?  Or should I just start from the beginning?  I have several scenes written out already (I'm not using them in my word count).  I have to decide how to tie them into the rest of it as my story has evolved a bit.  Or maybe I should leave them out all together and just rewrite those ideas.  I know those scenes will change a lot in editing later anyway.

No panicking... deep breaths.... only 3 days left....

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


There is a countdown ticker on the Nano page!!  Can it only be 4 days away???!!  I'm not ready!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010


I've been stressing about outlining my story for months now.   A lot of that stress is because I have bits of this story already written, but I didn't know where the rest of the story was headed.  I have notes in several note book and printed outline attempts all over the place.  Some at work, some by the computer at home, and some in a note book I have set aside just for my story. 

Yesterday my Nano buddy and I sat down at my kitchen table and we each started outlining our stories.  I needed the company for that.  We didn't talk a lot.  There were long, wonderful, silences.  But there were times when we each used to talk out an idea.  And some of the time it wasn't asking for advice about where the other thought the story line should go.  Some of the time it was just talking a plot point out to the end with someone there to listen to it.   I NEEDED that.  

I still have some nagging questions about motivation (mainly), but I can see the conflict in the story.  My characters evolved a bit yesterday and I see where they should end up.  I wrote down my major story lines that need to be told. 

I hope the Allen had the same success that I did.  I learned a lot about his story and I think maybe he did too.  It may be headed a different direction that he originally anticipated. 

The differences in our writing styles was very apparent yesterday.  One of us had a computer with a detailed out line.  The other (guess who) had a note book covered in sticky notes and arrows. 

I hope we are able to do that once more before November.  I could use another brainstorm I think. 

Thanks Allen!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Am I crazy?

I guess I must be a little crazy just for entering Nanowrimo, again.  Especially with all the other stuff I'm trying to accomplish in the next few months.   But that isn't what I am refering to. 

I was at a friends house this weekend, working on a crafty project together.  She knows that I plan to write during the month of November, and she asked about my story.  I have quite a bit of the plot worked out already so I told her a little bit about it.  I didn't even go into great detail, there was a lot I left out because I'm not sure how it's going to fit, and I wasn't sure how serious my friend was in hearing about the story.  She may have just been being polite.   She looked at me like I had grown horns!!  That made me feel quite foolish.  She asked a couple questions, but the conversation pretty much ended when kids interupted.  The last thing she said was "It makes me wonder what your life was like at that age" (the age of my character).

I'm not going to say that I can't identify with Piper (my character), but she isn't modeled after me!!  I think there has to be some of me in her (afterall, I know me better than anyone else, it's easy to know what I might do in a certain situation, and therefore Piper).  But she isn't me.  She is just someone who talks to me in my head.... (Yep, I'm crazy)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Merit Badges

Nanowrimo has merit badges!  I don't know if they are new this year or were there in past years.  I found them very very funny!    There are 10 "badges" you can earn (you have to purchase them in either sticker, button, or patch form).  I think we can come up with some different ones.  I'm not going to buy them this year, but I may next year as a reward for doing it again.

The badges you can earn are:
- Socializing
- Word count padding
- Procrastination
- Caffeine abuse
- Secret novelling (writing while at work or school)
- Creative non-fiction
- Rally day
- the Eureka Moment
- Random ending
- The victory!

They have the new 2010 web badges up now!  I downloaded my favorite and now I can't figure out how to add it to my blog.  I'm sure I'll figure it out, but I may have to ask for bloggy advice from my cuz to do it.  I also tried to add the word count widget (and the race widget, so I can "race" Allen) to the blog but I can't make that work either and need advice from someone techier (techy-er? techyer?) more techy than I am. 

Friday, October 1, 2010

The Countdown is ON!!!

Only 30 days left until we begin the NANOWRIMO circus!! I actually turned down an invitation to Scrapbooking Camp (which would have been a blast and I would have gotten soooo much done). I turned it down because it happens on a weekend in November. I don't have time to waste a whole weekend this time... I'm going to write 50,000 fabulous words of fiction!

Ummm. I think my blood pressure just went up and heart palpitations began. How can I be nervous about this? I've been looking forward to it for some time.

I'd better check out and make sure my profile is still set up correctly (from last years fail). I'm hoping they have the new 2010 web banners out now as well. I'll add it to my blog. Might be encouraging.