Monday, February 28, 2011

OK. So who had the idea first?

I started my story quite some time ago now.  This years Nano was intended to finish it up.  I did write my 50,000+ words in November, and I added them to the chapters that I had already done.  The first few chapters I had shared with a few of my besties.  Allen and Terri. 

This weekend Terri text me.  She said "Someone stole your book!  I just started a new book and the first chapter is almost the same as yours."  Apparently its one in a trilogy that she bought it for her Kindle for 99 cents.  It's not exactly the same story that I have.  But she said it does have some of the same elements.

I'll be downloading that book to my own Kindle this week.  I have a business trip scheduled next week and will need something to read on the plane.  I have been thinking about what to start for this trip.  I guess I know now! 

And it seems there is a market for the type of story I am writing.  Even at 99 cents.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Haven't forgotten

Oh, Nano, I haven't forgotten you.  I haven't moved on to another story.  I simply haven't made the time to sit down at the computer and plug away at the ending.  2011 has become hectic and I have not MADE the time to work on you.  Rest assured you are still on my mind. 

I'm very anxious to read ShariWares story.  That overachiever has already finished and edited it!  And she is holding it hostage to get me to finish my own story. 

My hope of getting it done in January has long past.  And my hope of getting it done in February is dwindling.  I have an out of town guest this weekend and so will not be writing.  But it is quite possible that I will be able to schedule time the last weekend of the month.  So much to do, so much to do.  (Sometimes I wonder if I really am as busy as I feel or if I am manufacturing it.  I don't seem to be accomplishing much in all this busy-ness.)