Thursday, September 23, 2010


OK. I've been stressing about not working on my outline and my character development. There are only 38 days left until November 1 and I'm not prepared!!

Well... It turns out I'm more prepared than I thought. It's a by-product of being disorganized. (Can you be both ADD and OCD at the same time? I think I have some symptoms of each). Once in a while, when I have a brilliant idea, I send myself an email with the details. A few months ago I dumped all those emails together into one place. Yesterday I read through it and there is a story there! It's all simple ideas that need development, but it is a very basic outline! WAHOO!!! I have a couple other ideas/scenes/character flaws that are rattling around in my head. If I put fingers to keyboard and send myself a note now maybe I won't forget them later!!

November usually turns out busier than I think it will. Thanksgiving is a time eater. And I have a kids birthday party to squeeze in there. Now that my outline stress is lessened, I still have to figure out when the heck I'm going to make the time to write! Sending yourself notes from work is one thing... banging out 1667 words a day when you should be working on your projects at work is quite another... So closing the door while the kids are doing their homework and setting the DVR to record the shows I can't miss is looking like the only option. I'm fairly certain I won't be able to get up any earlier to work on it before the family awakens, but I may become desperate!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

45 Days (less than that now!)

Only 43 days until November 1. I still haven't outlined my story. What is wrong with me? I've simply been very busy. It's been a crazy summer. Have summers always been like that and I just have enough time in the 9 months between them to recover and forget (kind of like labor)? I don't think so. I think this was just a delightfully busy summer.

I've been getting up early several days a week now to walk with a friend (eventually jog, when my back is less achy). I get to bed late after a full day of work and kids functions. What am I going to have to give up to squeeze in some time to write? I'm not yet sure when I'll squeeze it in. But I would really like to win Nanowrimo this year. It will be a simple personal victory.

I'm so glad I have cheerleaders this year. I always wondered what Nano participants were thinking when they all go out for pizza together, or go to the library for an all nighter with company. I think maybe that is important just to be together and know you have support. Maybe it's someone to bounce your ideas off of. Sometimes when your stuck all it takes is talking out a scene to someone who will listen and you become "unstuck". And usually,when you get unstuck the words can flow like water. I'm looking forward to that part as much as the writing part now...

I'm back to 4 people writing with me! Wahoo!! Bring on November!!