Friday, October 25, 2013

Nano 2013

I have pledged to take the year off this year.  I do not have a story brewing.  I do not know what I'd write about.  And I want to recharge.  I finished last year and tried camp out this year and didn't succeed.  So I feel like November would be pushing it.


I keep getting uplifting emails from Nanowrimo in my inbox.  And I see the ticker on the blog page set at zero.  And I'm finding myself tempted! 

Maybe what I need is one or two brainstorming sessions with some friends to get the very basic story that *might* have legs to a point where it could be interesting. 

but.... I feel like I am sooo busy this year.  Is there time this November to write a novel? 

It is only 1667 words a day.  It's 1666 words a day!

I was set in my decision to NOT write this year.  With one week left until kickoff I'm now undecided.  I'll let you know what I decide after the first of the month.  At the very least I can use the month to edit an old story, or outline a new one....

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